Little Owl

Finally I managed to capture the Little Owl! I have been searching for this bird since forever and everybody else seems to spot them, just not me. But yesterday I spotted it and got some nice images. So why is it so hard to spot? As I was searching in Richmond Park it would be… Read More

Fujifilm GFX-50s As A Wildlife Camera

The Fujifilm GFX-50s is Fujifilm’s re-entry into medium format imaging. The company has a long tradition with medium format film cameras, but the GFX-50s is a 51.4mp digital sensor. With a frame format of 44x33mm it is larger than full frame, but smaller than traditional 6×6 or 6×4.5cm film or digital backs. This isn’t going… Read More

Weekly Captures

This post will be a compilation of the last few weeks as I didn’t have time to edit and post. I have been out on many occations in all sorts of weather. Spring has been a mixed bag so far and the photo oportunities have been very hit and miss. These were all taken in… Read More

Mr Fox

The other day I arrived to Richmond Park before anybody else and as I walked away from the car a fox passed by. Although London is full of foxes you don’t often see them in Richmond Park during opening hours. I took a picture as it passed and carried on with my walk. A few… Read More

Going Slow

The other day I thought it would a great idea to get up at 04:15am and go into Richmond Park for 05:00am. Don’t know why I thought that would be good plan. It was was dark. Turns out you need light for wildlife photography. So with with enough light for 1/8s @ f/2.8 and ISO4000… Read More

Weekly Captures

This has been a very productive week with the Easter breaks allowing me more time to get out with the cameras. It has also been a very interesting week for me on a technical level as I had access to a Nikon D850 and got a chance to compare the D500 and the D850 for… Read More

Weekly Captures

This was a good week in the park with a lot of good photo oportunities over a few days. It is still very cool for this time of year with frost on the ground in the early mornings, but we had some decent light at times. The herons are leaving their nests and learning to… Read More

Pitch Invasion

In the middle of Pens Pond inRichmond Park there is a tiny island. I call it Heron Island as it is the nesting ground for at least four heron pairs. Currently there are around ten new heron chicks so it is a crowded place. There are also Great Cormorant nests and possibly various geese and… Read More

Weekly Captures

A productive week with three outings. The colours are slowly returning to the park, but spring has taken a bit of pause. The young herons have begun to take their first flights The adults are still busy nest building and fighting off the seagulls The Egyptian Geese had some babies. Most have disappeared, but this… Read More