Fujifilm GFX-100 Macro

I have had a bit more time now with the GFX-100 and I am really enjoying the ability to crop in to images and enlarge the subject like never before. It is like a magnifying glass to the world. I have a first impression review with more images here. The built in sensor stabilisation is very… Read More

Fujifilm GFX-100

A couple of weeks have past since my last post and there is good reason for that. Fujifilm delivered my new GFX-100! This camera was announced some time ago and I placed a preorder with Wex just to be in with change to get my hands on it at some point. The day arrived 10… Read More


Every now and then I go into Richmond Park pre sunrise to capture the light as the sun breaks. This image was taken around 04:50am just as the sun broke the horizon. I was lucky to find some fallow deer in the right location to capture them with the rising sun. I had to combine… Read More

Weekly Captures

It has rained and rained most of the week, but I have managed to get out to the park on a couple of days. Life around the lake has quitened down. The herons have largely left and the egyptian geese have not been around for a while. So I wandered in to the forested parts… Read More

Weekly Captures

It is time for an image update from the last few weeks. I have been back to Richmond Park on several occations and here are some of the images from those days.     Here are the larger images:   Equipment used: Nikon D500 Nikkor AF-S 400 f/2.8 VR Fujifilm GFX-50S Fujinon GF250 f/4 +… Read More

Little Owl

Finally I managed to capture the Little Owl! I have been searching for this bird since forever and everybody else seems to spot them, just not me. But yesterday I spotted it and got some nice images. So why is it so hard to spot? As I was searching in Richmond Park it would be… Read More

Fujifilm GFX-50s As A Wildlife Camera

The Fujifilm GFX-50s is Fujifilm’s re-entry into medium format imaging. The company has a long tradition with medium format film cameras, but the GFX-50s is a 51.4mp digital sensor. With a frame format of 44x33mm it is larger than full frame, but smaller than traditional 6×6 or 6×4.5cm film or digital backs. This isn’t going… Read More

Weekly Captures

This post will be a compilation of the last few weeks as I didn’t have time to edit and post. I have been out on many occations in all sorts of weather. Spring has been a mixed bag so far and the photo oportunities have been very hit and miss. These were all taken in… Read More

Mr Fox

The other day I arrived to Richmond Park before anybody else and as I walked away from the car a fox passed by. Although London is full of foxes you don’t often see them in Richmond Park during opening hours. I took a picture as it passed and carried on with my walk. A few… Read More

Going Slow

The other day I thought it would a great idea to get up at 04:15am and go into Richmond Park for 05:00am. Don’t know why I thought that would be good plan. It was was dark. Turns out you need light for wildlife photography. So with with enough light for 1/8s @ f/2.8 and ISO4000… Read More