Finally I managed to capture the Little Owl! I have been searching for this bird since forever and everybody else seems to spot them, just not me. But yesterday I spotted it and got some nice images.

So why is it so hard to spot? As I was searching in Richmond Park it would be mostly hidden in the trees and it blends in so well. Have a look at this image from my iPhone and see if you can see it?


Pretty well hidden!

Here is the image I captured from the same scene.


As I slowly moved in closer I grabbed a few frames till it flew to another tree. I managed to come away with a few good shots.


These where taken with the Nikon D500 and AF-S 400 f/2.8G. Ii’s a great lens to use for these type of shots as the benefit of f/2.8 helps on many levels.
The wide aperture means I can keep the ISO at a good level (100-3200) and the shallow DOF isolates the subject amongst the canopy making it realy pop.
This last image was taken at 1/320s – f/2.8 – ISO1600.
Had I used my AF-S 200-500 f/5.6 I would be shooting at 1/320s – f/5.6 – ISO6400 and the IQ would be very different. Less detail and more noise, but also less subject isolation.
I strongly recommend anyone shooting wildlife to invest in a fast prime at some point.



Here are the larger size images:

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