This post will be a compilation of the last few weeks as I didn’t have time to edit and post. I have been out on many occations in all sorts of weather. Spring has been a mixed bag so far and the photo oportunities have been very hit and miss.

These were all taken in Richmond Park – London.

These first two are taken by a little muddy waterhole that many birds seem to favour. I discovered this place when looking for the Ring-necked Parakeets that are all over the park. With a wide aperture and getting doen low to the ground you can get some good shots. Darkening the water in post helps to bring out the refelections.


Here is a wider view. Click on the gallery at the end of the post for a larger vew. This image was taken with the Fujifilm GFX50s and has a lot of detail.


One of my favourite birds here is the Mandarine Duck.


Many new hatchlings have arrived.

Egyptian Geese:


Mallard Ducks:


Canadian Geese:


Mute Swans:


Hopefully some will survive. The odds are not good and many have died from one day to the next. Probably foxes or crows or pike in the water.

Here is the fox I had an encounter with last week. I made a seperate post about that here: Mr Fox


Here are two of the more elusive birds.

Kestrel. There is a pair that live on this old tree trunk. Not too hard to find.


Green Woodpecker. This one is hard to get close to, this was the best I could do before it flew away.


The Red Deer came down to the lake to play.


And finally some birds in flight.


Thanks for watching.

Larger sized images here:


Equipment used:

Nikon D500
Nikkor AF-S 400 f/2.8 VR
Fujifilm GFX-50S
Fujinon GF250 f/4 + GF1.4TC
Gitzo Systematic Series tripod
Gitzo fluid gimbal




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