The other day I arrived to Richmond Park before anybody else and as I walked away from the car a fox passed by. Although London is full of foxes you don’t often see them in Richmond Park during opening hours.

I took a picture as it passed and carried on with my walk.

A few minutes later the fox reappeared and started to walk towards me. I set up the camera and started to take some images.


It continued to close on me and I kept on shooting. It became clear that it wanted to have a chat so I sat down and waited. Within moments it was so close that my long lens was becoming a problem. I moved back further, but it continued to close the gap. So I just waited till the fox was by my feet.
I had to take this photo with my iPhone.


As he (she?) didn’t make any moves to leave I decided to share my breakfast.


So there we were, enjoying the morning sun and a tea-break. I took this oportunity to move back a little furter and grab some frames.

I told a joke and he thought is was a cracker:

What’s the difference between a fox and a dog?
About 8 pints of larger.


Three biscuites later we said goodby and continued with our day. I doubt I will have another experience like this anytime soon.


Here are the larger images.

The equipment used was the Nikon D500 and AF-S 400 f/2.8 VR




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