This was a good week in the park with a lot of good photo oportunities over a few days.
It is still very cool for this time of year with frost on the ground in the early mornings, but we had some decent light at times.

The herons are leaving their nests and learning to fend for themselves. There are still some too small to fly, but the ones that hatched early in February are already flying and collecting their own food. It is amazing how quickly they have adapted to life without the parents.
Here are some of the flight shots I got this week.


I went out very early one morning to catch the first light and it was worth the effort.
For the first time I found a rabbit before they would hide under ground for the day.


The stags have mostly shed their antlers for the start of the seasson and most aren’t very photogenic at the moment. I thought this one looked good. The view is over the lake where many of the bird images are taken.


A few others from the series.


The Egyptian Geese where wild again and plenty of oportunities to be had. Here are a few.


And the one remaining Egyptian Goose chick.


One of the mornings I decided to leave the heavy gear at home and only take the Nikon D500 with the AF-S 200-500 f/5.6. No bags or tripods. It is nice to be more mobile and move around a little more without the constraints of the bigger bulk.

I found a pair of Mandarin Ducks by another pond and got plenty of great close-ups.
They must be the most colourful birds we have here in the UK.


The female looks very different.


Here are a few others from the week.



Thank you for looking. Here are the larger images.

Equipment used:

Nikon D500
AF-S 400 f/2.8
AF-S TC14-mk3
AF-S TC20-mk3
AF-S 200-500 f/5.6
Gitzo Series 4 tripod
Gitzo Fluid Gimbal



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