In the middle of Pens Pond inRichmond Park there is a tiny island. I call it Heron Island as it is the nesting ground for at least four heron pairs. Currently there are around ten new heron chicks so it is a crowded place.
There are also Great Cormorant nests and possibly various geese and ducks too.

Here is an arial view where you can see the woodlands the deer use as a resting place. It is fenced off and off limits for normal park use so it is a litlle haven for the wildlife.
To enter and exit this area the deer must wade through the water at each end.

Pen Ponds overview

Normally the deer will wade to the nearest exit or swim straight accross and use the far exit.

Pen Ponds normal route

This time they decided to divert and invade Heron Island.

Pen Ponds diverted route

The herons nearly post their breakfast. It was kaos out there.
Here are the images I managed to get. The distances are from my location is around 80-90 meters so it is difficult to get really close.
I didn’t have time to add a teleconverter to the lens so this was shot with the 400mm.


Not sure I will ever see that again so it was a fun moment.



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