A productive week with three outings. The colours are slowly returning to the park, but spring has taken a bit of pause.

The young herons have begun to take their first flights


The adults are still busy nest building and fighting off the seagulls


The Egyptian Geese had some babies. Most have disappeared, but this one has survived.



Here are some other assorted images from the week.


One of the mornings was very misty and I could barely see accross the lake. The lack of colour made for some nice black & white images.


All in all a great week. As usual I used the Nikon D500 and AF-S 400 f/2.8 VR for the bird shots. This combo is just so great for this purpose. Fast and reliable, just what you need when everything happens within seconds.

There was one more event that took me by surprice. I will write a seperate post for that, but here is a teaser image.


The deer did an invation of Heron Island, swiming accross the lake and causing pandemonium. Seeing the deer swim is not unusual, but this island is so small and overgrown that I didn’t think I would ever see them try this.


Here are the larger sized images.







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