Some nice days this week and I managed to get out on two occations. Finally a grey heron landed nearby and I got some nice close-ups. They normally land away from people, but this one didn’t seem to mind me standing there.


This juvenile heron was being hounded by the seaguls on its first flights. A cruel introduction to life away from the nest.


Mallard Ducks in formation


Coot ready for take-off


Day Two

One the second day I decided to leave the tripod and the heavy AF-S 400 f/2.8 at home and travel light. No backpack, just the D500 and the AF-S 200-500 f/5.6 VR.
Another photographer told me he had found a nesting kestrel pair in a woodlands so I went to see if I could find them.
The male was hunting overhead and I managd to grab a few flight shots. For this kind of photography it is easier to not use a tripod as they move very fast and erratically overhead. It wouldn’t be possible to keep the bird in frame if the camera was fixed to a tripod – even with a gimbal.
When it landed in a nearby tree I grabbed a few close-ups. Very happy with that shot. Not exactly award-winning, but it was my first close-up so I was pleased for that reason.



Here are the larger images:


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