First an update on the larger heron nest. There where four young in the nest on Saturday, but on Sunday I could only see three standing there. A closer look revieled a dead heron laying outside the nest. Most likely killed by its siblings over a scrap for food.
You can see the wing in front of the nest.


Here was the view from the previous day. Not sure why there were suddely six young herons there, perhaps a few visitors from a neighbouring nest?



A new addition to the lake, for me anyway, was the arrival of the Mandarin Ducks. I haven’t seen them there before. Two male and one female.


There was generally a sense of spring activity with nest building and food gathering. The insects have also returned in numbers.


The cormorants used a technique of flying over the tall grass, grabbing a reed mid flight and then pulling it loose when landing. Very effective and probably a nice nesting material.


The herons are still expanding their nests to make room for the growing chicks.


Next to the lake there is a small woodlands, off limits to people and favoured by the deer when they want a quiet spot away from the crowds. It is only accessible from the water and the deer have to wade accross. As we were standing there photographing the bird life, the deer suddenly appeared, trying to exit the woodlands. They don’t like to walk towards people as they have young with them so some decided to swim across the lake to the other shore.



All in all a very enjoyable week and with the weather improving and the colours returning to the landscape there should be good days ahead.


All images shot with the Nikon D500 and AF-S 400 f/2.8 VR
Here are the larger images – click on the gallery to see full screen.





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