So the winter returned with storms and rain and few oportunities to get out without risking water damage to the gear. I managed to get out for a few hours during a break in the weather and headed to Pens Pond in Richmond Park.

This time I chose a different location near some tall reeds where a heron couple was building a nest away from the rest. It gave me a nice oportunity to get som different images than before. I wanted to see if I could cathch them as they took off from the tall grass, but it proved too difficult to time the shots as I couldn’t see them before they flew out. So instead I captured them as they returned to the nest.

Using the Nikon D500 and the AF-S 400 f/2.8G with the AF-S 14TC gave me a good frame filling image with nice seperation to the background. The AF abilities of the D500 helped a lot when tracking the birds flying amongst the tall grass. For the most part it kept the AF locked really well.

Here are a few images from that day:



Here are the larger images:






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