Can the GFX match the X-T3 when cropped to match its field of view?

This is going to be a comparison between the Fujifilm GFX-50s with the GF250/F4 vs the Fujifilm X-T3 with the XF100-400/F45-5.6.

As I have these two camera systems I was curious to see wether the GFX image could be cropped to match the field of view of the X-T3 combination – and still retain a comparable image quality.

The GFX has a medium format sensor and the field of view will be dramatically different to the X-T3 at the same focal lenght.
The GF250/F4 should equate to approx. 131mm on the X-T3 crop sensor; 250mm x 0.79 (full frame converion) / 1.5 (crop sensor vs full frame.

I did try to match the horisontal field of view by zooming the 100-400mm to span the same width as the GF250.
I was somewhat succesful, but there are some differences.

Focus is on the sign. Both lenses set wide open.
I am only interested in the detail at the focal plane for this experiment.
The depth of field will be dramatically different as f4.0 on medium format is closer to f2.8 on an APS-C sensor.



When cropped to 100% the advantage of the GFX is obvious:



The next four slides are the same crop resized to 1000x1000px at different focal lenghts. This should indicate the relative resolutions at the different focal lenghts and the ability to upscale the GFX to match the X-T3 at longer focal lenghts.

Here is the X-T3 zoomed in to 190mm:

XT3 190 crop

This is looking very comparable to the GFX at 250mm – perhaps a small advantage to the GFX:

GFX 250 crop 2

Here is the X-T3 zoomed into 290mm – the benefit of the longer zoom is now becoming clearer:

XT3 290mm

Here is the X-T3 zoomed into 400 – the benefit of the longer zoom is now becoming obvious:

XT3 400mm

Here are the full frames of each camera and focal lenghts:


Here I have upscaled the shorter focal lenght images to match the 400mm crop. This should give an idea of where the GFX stands in relation to the X-T3 and the zoom:

GFX @ 250mm

GFX 250mm 1433x1433

X-T3 @ 190mm

XT3 190mm 1433x1433

X-T3 @ 290mm

XT3 290mm 1433x1433

X-T3 @ 400mm

XT3 400mm 1433x1433

Here I have cropped each image to match the full frame of the 400mm shot.
Then I upscaled the cropped images of the GF250 and 190mm + 290mm frames to match the 6240 pixels on the long side of the 400mm shot (unscaled).

To compare the images I suggest you open each at full size (use the option to view full size in the exif data box):

To my eyes it looks like the GFX/GF250 is better than the X-T3/100-400 at 190mm.
It is not as good as the X-T3/100-400 at 290mm.
The point of equilibrium is probably somewhere around 220mm

Here are two screen shots edited with GFX/GF250 (left half) and X-T3/100-400mm @ 400mm (right half) – zoomed to 100%:

The GFX image was first upscaled by 230% to match the 400mm shot at 6240 pixels wide.

All images are processed with Capture One Pro.
The resizing was done through the output module of Capture One Pro.

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